Conference Streams

  • Sustainability Challenges from Cross-Cultural Perspectives and Environmental Psychology (behavioural change, attitudes towards nature, climate and the environment, climate change, collective action, cultural narratives, models for activism) 
  • Psychology of Migration and Minoritized Groups (acculturation, adaptation, culture shock, research with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, displacement trauma, social inclusion, tolerance, stereotypes; issues around migrant mental health, migrant health, intergroup processes: prejudice and discrimination; ethnicity, gender and sexuality, indigenous psychology) 
  • Intercultural Communication, Competencies and Application in Different Settings (international students, expatriation, educational and social settings, use of language, theory and teaching around intercultural or culturally sensitive topics, intercultural training) 
  • Applied Cross-Cultural Psychology (Work and organizational psychology, clinical and counselling psychology; culture, religion, traditions; work, business, organizations; media, communication, and propaganda) 
  • Developmental and Health Psychology (socialisation, life-span development, health psychology, trauma, psychopathology, health disorders and stress, psychotherapy, trauma, post-traumatic stress) 
  • Cognitive and Personality Psychology (Motivation, Emotion, Values, Identity, political attitudes, morality) 
  • Research Methodology and Data Analysis in Cross-Cultural Psychology (quantitative and qualitative methodology, ethics, novel methodological approaches, epistemology, data analysis; open science, cross-cultural validation and comparisons) 
  • Other topics